Saturday, September 26, 2009

My weekends VS his...

Its amazing how
the shared weekends..
can take on a new meaning
in the busyness of life..
in the beginning
it was the hardest thing to do..
not having been away from my children much
being a very hands on mom..
handing my kids over
with no say in their time,
behavior, food or care..
was scary...
then came the time that it was freeing!
It allowed me a weekend to 'play'..
and now,
the opposite..
now I enjoy my weekends alone.
and thats what they now are...
weekends 'alone'!
I see girlfriends here and there..
but mostly I refresh for the week..
spend time at home..
and do all the same things I would do with the kids...
cleaning!!! :)
BUT, now its not those weekends that I anticipate the most,
now its the weekends with the kids that fuel me...
the Saturdays mornings with cartoons and pancakes..
the freedom to take them for shoes and slushies...
the bike rides..
and church as a family....
family movie night and ice cream night
happen on my 'weekend'...
and I find myself sitting here this Saturday morning..
knowing that time to recharge is important...
but time with my children in the relaxed state of a weekend..
is giving..
and the fuel that drives me until the next weekend that is mine....


  1. You know what it sounds like? BALANCE!!! And that is where we need to be to be healthy! I craved for some solitude for 6 years while I raised my girls and my husband was away all the time. Now my little one is in school and for the first time I feel "healthy" in all aspects without having to fight for it all the time.

    My ex left my older girls lives. And they suffered for it. I have a friend who is leaving her husband, very bitter and doesn't like how he parents and I'm afraid it's going to be a tug of war because she doesn't understand that his parenting, not her style at all, is still as valid and important to their children as hers.

    I hope she gets that it's important to her well being as strike that balance, to let them go to their dad regularly so she can be with herself to recharge so that she's better for them when they get back. Right now though, she's bitter and refusing to see that.

    Wish you could talk to her...

    I'll pass along your post. Still say you should be counselling single moms.


  2. one day..I hope to do just that! FOR now, its why I share my journey! I know how much I needed to know I was not alone..and I needed hope and encouragement! and sadly, its not that easy to find...! So, on here I share my heart...knowing it heals mine and might touch someone elses....