Monday, September 14, 2009

taking my home and my heart back

I have lived in a small town most of my life..
I moved to this town when I was 12.
My dad was pastor of a large church..
I knew so many people..
this was MY home..
I met the man who stole my heart..
at 17.
This was our home..
our first date..
the church we were married in..
the home we had babies in..
our home town..
and then life fell apart
and it began to feel like his home..
I felt like an outsider
unsure of my place,
taking the step to move back here was a big one..
and yet it has turned out to be
the best step I could have taken,
Today, I was in' town'...
and as I walked by my ex husbands work
something that happens alot
as he works minutes from where I live..
it hit me that I no longer visit down town
because of him..
I no longer base my life on seeing him..
When I am in town
its no longer consumed with his heart and needs
or as part of the couple we were...
and yet I still am here, in this town..!
Because its where I belong!
Not as part of a couple..
but as a person..
a mother..
a woman..
this is MY town..
this is where I belong..
and it feels wonderful to be
exactly where I am.


  1. :) I am proud of who you are becoming and it's very promising!

  2. Your growth is constant and incredible to witness. You should teach classes in recovery after divorce...emotional recovery!


  3. I so understand that. I had to remake many memories back into the good that would have been prior to the one who hurt me.