Friday, September 4, 2009


then scrap it!:)
so much of my life
is a balancing act!
learning what to keep and what to let go!
and sometimes what you let go
is not for always
just for now...
I have a schedule
and some of it matters!
but the in between..
I have a time line!
And I am learning,..
life is too short!
Do what you can,
and do it well..if you can!
BUT, let go what you don't have to do..
and accept that some things just won't be done as well!
Learn to shut drawers when needed
and shove it under the bed when necessary...
but also learn WHEN that phone call must be made,
dishes done..
and those drawers?? yup , they have their turn too...
learning to just be,
and learning to accept that I can only 'be' so much.
has truly been an 'enlightening' experience!

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