Saturday, January 15, 2011

And so it goes....

Life has settled into
a crazy
but doable pace.
School takes
so much of my time...

but, I have started running
and have found time
to do some knitting...
and have
managed to keep
the house
and wear
clean clothes once
in a while!

someone said
"these are the best years
of your life"..
I jokingly responded;
"thats what I am afraid of"..
but sometimes
I am!

I wonder,
if in the craziness
of being a single mom..
and going back to school..
and working full time;
if I am missing out
on 'just' enjoying years
that I will never get

The truth -
maybe I am!
But, its all I have!

I can put off school
and never climb out
of this financial hole-
never be able to help
my kids with college,ect..
I could slow it down..
and spend the rest of their
years at home
working towards the goal,
never getting there!
Or I can do what I can,
when I can,
Taking on more then is easy
and less than is impossible.

its not ideal!
But, as moms we do
what we have to do!
and what I know
is that my time with the kids
is still protected!
I create the memories,
and carve out the time..
I go to their games,
and listen to their stories
about their day.
I kiss them good night,
and make a point
of family time...

Its all I have...
Its what I do..
It is my life!
and each moment
counts for something...
each moment is a memory
and a lesson learned..

and each moment
brings me closer
to creating a stronger future.


  1. Doing our best is all really any of us can do, really. :-) It's not always easy, this single mom gig. But as long as we're making an effort, then I'd say we're on the right track. :-)

  2. I think that is all any of us can do. Moment by moment! You are doing great!