Thursday, January 13, 2011

It might really be about time...

not 'about time'...
as in time that I do it..
but 'about time'
as in the reason I should not!

I dabble in the idea
of a date or 2..
I have browsed
the free sites,
and responded to
an email here and there...
when all is said
and done,
this may not be the season!

Life feels nuts!!
Every free moment
I have; is spent doing
college homework.
My kids remain
my priority-
And I protect my time
with them.
But, its bigger
then time;
its pressure!!
I find myself
and feeling stressed.
I see that I am
and it manifests
in irritation.

And so,
I have all I can handle.
Maybe I cannot
take the chance
at trying to balance more.
Or maybe
I am over thinking...
and life will just work
itself out!

would be the wrong word
to describe me.
Tired and overwhelmed;
most certainly!!..

This season of my life
shall last a while..
I hope that I adjust
and find
that I can balance
without compromise..
because if I do not
find that I can..
my children shall
be out of the house-
before I ever date

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