Sunday, January 2, 2011

Single, complicated and seeking??

I started my New Years morning..
and thinking..

I thought a lot
about what it is
to be single,..
and what it means
to be in a place
of being open
to meeting new people.

Of course,
there is the age old;
how? when? where?
but, bigger then that is;
who? & why?

I do not believe
I have an unrealistic
of what it should be.
I do want some sort
of spark..
but I do not want
love at first sight!
I want some romance
with a lot of practicality!

I want to meet someone
that I connect with,
am attracted too..
AND that I share similar
beliefs and values with..!
How hard is that??
seems maybe harder then I think!

I have not really put
myself out there..
I am doing a lot
of thinking
about what that will
look like when I do!

What are my boundaries?
my deal breakers?
and so...
I shall be working through that
in private
(hee hee!)
on my blog!

and then
watch out world!
or not!!:)


  1. It seems like it shouldn't be hard, but I find it to be. Still, I remain hopeful.

  2. watch out world indeed. I think the working out and lists are a good idea Debbie. To rush, we lose ourselves.

  3. It is hard, and harder more with kids. Good luck, in time the man for you will come into your life. Until then, you are doing well my friend