Saturday, January 22, 2011

It could always be worse....

Life can feel kind
of nuts..
at the moment!

In truth,
I have more on my
then ever in my life.

And while there
are many ways,
that things could be worse
(illness,job loss, loss of loved ones,ect)
That is not what gets me through!

What helps me keep my life
in perspective,
is that it has been worse!
And I never forget!

Now, life is full
with kids,
and work,
and college,
and activities,
and church,
and housekeeping.

Then life was filled
all of the above,
and fear!

My every minute
was accounted for.
My life was not my own.
My thoughts questioned,
My every move scrutinized,
My actions dictated...
My life a prison.

Even in the moments,
that were more luxurious...
then moments I live now;
bubble baths in garden tubs,
nice furniture to sit on,
a fancy TV to watch,
even a home gym...
the use of those things came
with a price tag.

And here is what I know...
I have less
and I am responsible for more!

And yet,
the less I have does not
just include
less money
and less stuff..
it also includes less stress..
less hurt..
less of being treated like less of a person!
and the more responsibility,
also includes
more friends,
more self respect,
more peace
more contentment!
More of me!!!!

So, yes...
life is not always easy..
but I never forget
that I have lived and left
the hardest circumstance
I have yet to face.
It helps...
it keeps the NOW
in perceptive;
because now is no longer THEN!


  1. Love your last paragraph: lived and left the hardest circumstances. I need to remember your words next time I'm feeling down.

  2. A great post that puts everything in perspective :)

  3. Thanks for reminding me that less is more.