Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Its a start...

I'm defining my boundaries!

Not yet
my list of hopes
in a future date...
but my list of
what I shall accept and what
I shall not!

To start..
my Faith!
This is vital!
right for me,
will share my faith
in its entirety!
Maybe not the same
or denomination!
But, the same Lord
and principles.
My faith defines me!
Its too big
of an area of my life
to NOT share with
DEAL- breaker!

An unexpected boundary
is that I do not
want someone
who lives 'on-line'!
as I spent lots
of time on FB!..
and blogging!
I do not
want that world invaded!
I do not want to
date someone
who becomes
on-line friends
with my friends
or my family.
I think FB creates an
unrealistic world,
and rushes the natural
order of things!
So, if I meet someone
who loves FB like I do..
they at least have
to accept
that those worlds
do not need
to collide
until the NATURAL
progression of time
brings them together!

And lastly
so far....
I do not want
to be aggressively pursued!
A man
who is willing
to be patient,
and understand my time
is a must!
But, a man who believes
that persistence
is the key
WILL drive me away!
This is not true
for all woman!
And I did not think
this would be
true for me,
but time and time again
I am seeing
that it is!
I need space
and balance...
and the bubble
around me,
remains mine...
I invite someone in!

So for now..
I do not know
what I want..
but I know what I need!
I am coming to understand
who I am,
and what makes
me comfortable
and what drives me away!

We only learn
as we try!

I am taking
each experience
learning the lesson..
and continuing
to move forward!


  1. I love this list because it is so you! And it's really important to know what you need and can accept. (Ironically, my list would be nearly opposite. Ideally, I want a man who will accept my lack of religion (preferably share that), one will trust enough to share my blog with, and one who will pursue me a least moderately aggressively!)

  2. I was recently told to make this kind of list too! I see how it can be valuable to write this out. Good for you!

  3. This is fantastic ... it's so important to know what you want and need ... you'll end up in a much better place for it! Here's to a fabulous 2011!

  4. Good to make lists but I would steer clear of anyone for the time being. Let more time pass.
    Sorry if I am a damper but......
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Not a damper at all...but I am curious as to how much time do you think would be healthy? Its been 2 years from my last relationship of depth and hurt..and 4 years PLUS since my divorce. I agree completely with the time thing..so am just curious..!!

  6. Boundaries are good! And important. And very personal. Yours are reasonable and understandable (especially given past experiences). Anyone worth ANYTHING will understand and respect yours. Anyone who doesn't or can't understand or respect them, is a twit ;).