Friday, January 7, 2011

Taking life on....

For 19 years
I wanted to go
back to school..
but did not!
I did not have time!
I did not know if I
could handle
the work
after so long.
I had kids.
The list went on!

The irony,
is that now..
at a time
in my life
that I have the most
on my plate,
I am back in school!

And guess what?
I am doing great!
A in my first class!
(whoo hoo!)
this new semester
taking 2 classes
rather then one!
Still working full time..
still raising
3 kids,
still being a taxi driver
to a teen
and 2 pre-teens,
still keeping the house
is some semblance
of order.

It makes me realize
that we , as humans,
are so much
more capable
then we give ourselves
credit for!
But, often
we do not find that out-
until we are pushed to
our limits
and come out still

There is a lot
I wish
I had not
had to face,
these past 4 years!
But, the good
has been..
my understanding
of what must
be done!
and my determination
to do it,
against all odds!

As cliche as it all is,
I would rather be here
knowing what I know now,
then back
in the past..
where I limited myself
by believing
there was so much
that I just could not

reach for the stars..
and you might actually touch one!


  1. Good for you! Congrats on making a great grade in your first class!

  2. Having taught college classes, I can tell you I vastly prefer older students with their life experience and stronger motivation.

  3. Congratulations on going back to school, especially during a time when you obviously have so much going on. You are an inspiration!!

  4. Congrats and we don't give ourselves credit enough! Now is the time!