Sunday, January 9, 2011

The cycles of contentment....

2 years ago
I had to learn to be

It took at least a year!

And then I found it..
that ability
to be content,

Then I dated.
It was a short
but nice relationship,
that reminded me
what companionship
felt like!

When it ended,
I realized that I had
to once again,
seek out my contentment!
It has taken
a little while..
not a year,
closer to a month..
but, I think I have found
it again!

For me contentment,
is in the small things!
Its a fire in the fireplace!
Its the kids playing wiii
in the room
I am doing homework in..
its a nap on the couch;
with the kids,
or cats,
or both....
Its knitting something
that makes my girls
Its in my life!
It is busy!
I have way to much on my plate!

And it is all mine!

And when I once
that being alone
is not an affliction,
it is instead a state of being!
And in this particular state
of being,
contentment is found
And in this place
in this moment...
contentment is mine!


  1. Hi there,
    I found you through Sonomasun.blogspot. 3 kids! So cool!

    Great blog;-)

  2. I love how your posts seem to come at the exact moment I need to read them! Thanks for posting!

  3. I'm reading this in the midst of a contentment-filled day home with my kids.

  4. Oh Deb, you should be content because right now with every thing you have going on in your life, you don't have time for a relationship. I read your FB updates and wonder how you find time for everything and now classes? Enjoy where you are now, it's a wonderful place to be.

  5. Glad you are back to a good content spot!

  6. mama has spoken...I SO agree!! I think thats why life is what it is..I only have so much time and its all allotted some where! I also think that the reason I manage it all and still have time with my kids and time for me, is because I am NOT in a relationship! for now, it is what it should be!