Monday, January 17, 2011

Practice for the real thing...

I always thought
that the time I have taken
to be alone,
was just to learn how
to 'not need a relationship',
but it turns out
it has taught me so much more.

As I enter into a stage
of my life,
in which my time
is beyond strained;
I now know
that I was learning
how to balance
and how to deny
my 'wants'
for my 'musts'.

I am in a stage of my life
that requires
hours a night
of homework and reading.
a stage which
calls for concentrated time
to study.
I need to 'be'
not 'do'.

Several years ago,
I stayed busy whenever I was
I went places,
and bought things..
and visited people.
I did not spend my alone
time at home.
I spent it keeping
my mind off the fact
that I was , in fact, alone.
Then about a year ago...
I had no car
for 5 weeks.
My weekends alone
were spent at home.
I had no choice.
It changed me!

I learned that I could
spend an entire weekend
within the walls
of my home,
and be OK!

In time,
I began to balance it;
I spent time with friends
and spent some time
being busy
and some time being alone.

The lesson was invaluable.

Now, to succeed at school,
my weekends
can not be filled with 'stuff to do'.
I have room for
some time 'out'..
but I have to allow
for lots of time 'in'.
I am so grateful
that I already know
how to do this part!
That the hard work is already

and I am surprised to learn,
that the lesson of being
content alone
affects so many more
aspects of our lives;
then we can even imagine!


  1. YES! Exactly! I love my alone time too. Good for you for finding balance.

  2. I love being alone! Guess it's because it so rarely happens, that when it does, I enjoy the quiet of the house AND not being pulled into twenty different directions from my family.
    Glad you are ok with it too!

  3. Oh I am SUCH a homebody... I like nothing more than to spend the entire weekend at home... but I do get sluggish- probably a little depressed- if I go too long without adult human contact, so I do try to get out or have friends over at least once during the weekend!

  4. I also enjoy my alone time - it's very peaceful.

  5. Spot on! It is a learning curve but so worth it. Alone time is so healing, refreshing and freeing.

  6. My alone time is when I'm at peace. It my time to read, listen to music or just do me.... Keep Posting

    Stop by my site anytime

  7. I also love being alone - In fact after this evening I get 6 whole days of it - Whoop

    PS, I said i'd be back... and here I am! I am no longer eternally distracted ;)

  8. I have always loved alone time. It has been so long since I have any true alone time now that I have a small child. I need to work on the other unfortunatley!