Wednesday, October 14, 2009

different track..

I am taking a different track in my thoughts today..
they are not as much about divorce as normal..
and yet in some ways I believe they still reflect the process.
On Facebook the subject of my vegetarianism
was brought up by me,..
I was interested in the comments and decided to respond this way....

I am a very idealistic person!
I always have been...
My ideal world would be as follows:
Men and woman would stay together forever
Husbands would never be unfaithful or leave their wives.
Children would never be hurt by a broken home.
Mothers would stay home with their children. (at least this mother!)
(remember this is MY ideal world..not everyones!)
People would be kind to each other!
Everyone would have a home and love.
Animals would be treated kindly and humanely.
No-one would go hungry.
There would be no war.
There would be no violence.
There would be no child abuse or domestic abuse.

I am sure there are others!
BUT as you can see there is VERY little on my list I can control.
Some of what is on my list happened to me...
whether I liked it or not!
My ideals flattened by someone elses' choices!
HOWEVER, there is a small part I can control.
I can control my small contribution to the world!
I can control how I treat people, children and animals!
And I live by that!
I honor my parents and love my sisters!
I am not a perfect mother..
but I love my children and try daily to be better!
I am preschool teacher and truly love the children in my care!
and I choose not to eat meat,
and to take in homeless cats,
and to not kill spiders...
because its a small thing I CAN control
and a small difference I CAN make in the world around me!!!
I don't do it to live longer,
or be thin.
I don't do it to be different
or difficult.
I do it because I care
and I do it because I CAN!!!