Tuesday, October 6, 2009

older and actually better :)

Last week was a little crazy..
but good crazy!
It was my birthday!
And the reason that is significant
is that for 3 years
MAJOR things have happened
within days
of my birthday..
3 years ago
my husband of almost 15 years
and I
signed divorce papers
3 days after my birthday..
2 years ago..
I remarried
5 days after my birthday..
1 year ago
my birthday was further confirmation
that I was in big trouble..
and I was separated again the following month...
so, birthdays make me nervous!:)
however, this year was wonderful!!
my children fussed over me..
my family made me feel special
and my dearest friend made me feel loved!
I was pampered
and taken to dinner...
and given treats..
and presents...
and most of all..
above all..
more important then anything else..
it was a day with out drama..
it was a day filled with the chaos of life..
but without unkindness, hurt or broken hearts!
and it was the beginning of a new year...
and the realization that each step I take
is a step away from what was
and a step further towards what shall be..


  1. Happy belated birthday. May this year be full of wonderful new adventures and blessings for you!

  2. happy belated birthday! i'm glad this one was happy!

  3. Happy belated birthday! May only good things come your way from now on!

  4. Happy belated birthday
    It is YOUR day- regardless of what might have happened near it in the past...it will always be your happy day
    Glad it was great and what great kids you have I am sure they learned it from you