Monday, October 26, 2009

learning to ask now I am here!
I live this life
and I am doing my best to do it well!
Sometimes I pass and sometimes I fail!
BUT, always I try!
However, when things are too hard...
or seem unattainable
or beyond reach..
what then??
I feel stretched already!
How do I do more or add more if I need more??

I am learning to ASK!!!!
I am finally reaching a place
of being able to say...
hey, if you know of anyone who has this
I need this!
If you know of anyone who can do this
I need this!
Its freeing in and of itself!
so many times I wonder or worry or stress...
and I am coming to understand
that there are those
who want to help...
who have skills
or clothes
or friendship to give..
and are just waiting for someone to ask!!
learning to ask...
another step closer...
to being completely free!


  1. Preach it sister!! By asking you receive blessings but so do those that get to bless. Speaking of which--I'm going to check out our shoe basket. I may have shoes for Brenna!

  2. You can't get what you don't ask for. Good for you!

  3. Ya, that's a tough one to learn. I'm still learning.