Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hard to get but vital to me...

So, I talked today for a few hours...
to my ex's girlfriend.

and I am constantly amazed
at the place we all are.
In fact she pointed out
the health between ex and I..
and the reality I shared with her;
is that I believe the health comes
from us each knowing
we are not meant to be together.
Neither holding out hope,
Neither holding a grudge ,
and each taking ownership in our demise.

As I spoke with her,
another aspect of all this
is clear..
the acceptance of the 'other'
has brought peace and healing!
Sure, there are moments
that still make me catch my breath.
BUT, the hurt is not from now..
it is instead as a result of what I hoped would be.

I am grateful for the moments..
where all the stuff fades
and whats left is two people
who have loved the same man..
and who have each felt hurt as a result,
and now have chosen to move forward
as allies versus enemies.

It all comes together..
and one day
will allow
a healthy relationship
for me....
the baggage , while still mine,
will already have been checked and stored on board!
Not a burden or a factor...



  1. Beee-U-tiful! Such self-awareness!

  2. The kids will benefit more from a good relationship with her than you will ever imagine and that is important.
    So glad you are moving forwad......:-) Hugs

  3. Sounds like you are in a really great place right now. Good for you :)

  4. That really is great. I bet it feels so good!

  5. I'm so glad you are at that place. How freeing!

  6. That's great! When exes can feel that way toward each other, it's so much easier for everyone involved.