Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beautiful connections!

It has taken me being without a man in my life,

to understand how pure and special

the love between friends is.

The woman in my life now

are there for me..

and love me.

it is quiet and it is strong.

and I have come to know

that these connections are a part of me..

a part that makes me stronger!

But, I have not always known that!

When I was married

my deep desire was for a strong connection

with the man I loved.

I believed if he loved me and was my 'friend'

that was all I needed.

Of course, this was not the role

he wanted in my life..

but I kept seeking it!
and I turned away,

or kept at arms length

my friends.

I loved them and needed them.

I loved to be with them.

but, it was in its own space,

I did not understand the deep need

that friendships,

deep friendship

can fill.

It has taken me

really understanding

the friendships

I have..

to yearn and long for

the friendships I have lost!

I wish I knew then

what I know now..

But, those 'wishes'

only make me appreciate

the moments I have now...

the friendships I have now..

and the memories that were.

One of the many lessons

In this journey..

Has been learning

How to be a friend!
and how to accept

And let down the walls

With the friends I have!

A lesson that now learned,

I plan on never having to learn



  1. One of the lessons in that is that when you do find yourself back in a relationship with a man, still hold on to those women friends and nurture those relationships. They are treasures.

  2. Yes, having girlfriends are the best! Even for those of us who are married.

  3. I find that even being happily married, I still need my girlfriends.

    Girlfriends provide something different than a husband.

  4. This is so true Debbie, our girlfriends will always be there for us giving us a soft place to fall, a hug, a word of encouragement. They understand us......because we are all women.
    ......:-) Hugs

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