Friday, June 18, 2010

My hero...

As father's day draws close,
I have torn feelings.

On the one hand...
There is the sadness I cannot help
but feel,
on this specific holiday..
over the missing counter part
in my life;

On the other hand..
is the deep thankfulness
I feel
for having the father I do.

I am the definition of a 'daddys girl'.
As a child,
when I was sick or hurt
I wanted my dad,
and he made it all better!
There have been so many moments
of my 'grown up' life that he has done the same..
caught me and carried me
when I have fallen.

I was 21 when my world turned upside down
for the first time;
marraige in trouble..
heart breaking...
young life in turmoil.

I lived several hours from home;
I flew home
needing my family,
and needing some air...
I got off the plane
and collapsed sobbing
into my fathers arms.
"I got you, I got you"
was all he said.
It was all that was needed..
I knew then,
and I know now
that I am not alone.
That I am loved and I am cherished.
I have the love of my father in heaven,
and the love of my father on earth..
In this I am blessed beyond measure!!

I am thankful for a father
who has shown love, loyalty and honor.
I am thankful for a father
who has loved my mother so deeply
for so many years.
I am thankful for a father
who served his country,
served his family,
and above all his Lord.
I am thankful for a father
who is more then my dad,
he is also my friend.

I love you Dad-
Happy fathers day!
I am SO thankful for you!


  1. What a moving and beautiful tribute to your father.

  2. That was beautiful, you lost me at 'I got you'... I was the same as a child, I always told people I would never get married unless I could marry my Dad!!

  3. Oh Debbie you have brought tears to my eyes with this beautiful tribute to your dad. I hope this will be his best Father's Day every!
    .......:-) Hugs