Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lessons are never free

There is so much
that life has taught me
these past several years!

So many lessons about hope,
and faith..
and the human heart!
I have learned about strength,
and I have also learned
you are never to strong to fall.
I have learned lessons
in grace
and compassion
and hurt.

Every lesson had a price tag!
some times I was the one who paid..
some times someone else paid the price
so I could learn!
But, I have also learned,
that in those moments
that my lesson cost another..
I repay the debt in heart ache!

What sets us apart
as compassionate people
is we hurt when we hurt another!
I am deeply grateful
for the lessons
that will forever change the way
I live my life!
and equally sorry
that others some times bear the brunt.
My children

When all is said and done..
maybe honoring the cost,
by living your life reflecting
what you now know,
can bring healing for all!


  1. I am really loving your posts at the moment. FAB sentiments :0)

  2. It goes along with the old saying,"Nothing in life is free."

  3. Looking and moving forward is so much easier once you have learned the lessons from the past....only when you let the past go.....Hugs

  4. Beautiful post. Very well said.

  5. Touching post. I'm sure it is hard to be a single mom with 3 kids. I'm sure you are always thinking of your kids and at what point do you try to do something for yourself without feeling selfish, right? And when you do try to do something for yourself and you get burned. Hard for you, but harder for your kids. Be strong.

  6. I love the last paragraph (stanza?).