Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bend, budge or button down...

I have taken a lot of playful ribbing lately
for my lack of cooking skills..
actually I have taken ribbing most of my life!!
It makes me laugh!
I know its fun!

But, I wonder...
is this an area that I am deciding just is?
Or is this an area I should grow?

It is easy in my new found freedom
to feel that who I am is enough.
I lived most of my adult life
feeling behind the eight ball..
not completely loved by the man in my life.

But, at what point
is your acceptance of who you are,
to the detriment of who you can be?

I really don't like to cook!!!
I can cook to some degree,
and I cooked every day of my marriage!
BUT, it was sustainable and classic!
It literally had no spice ;)!

I wonder why I would feel the need to change that?
Is it for me?
Is it the hopes that I would make someone else happy?
Is it with the desire my son will one day say;
"no-one cooks like my mother".
I can guarantee at the rate I am going,
if he says that phrase..
it will not be meant as a compliment!!

So why?
Why not?

Why accept if its unacceptable?
and what defines the line of what is and what should be?

I wonder if all this comes down to this simple fact;
I want to be more then I am!
I want to grow and learn and excel!
But, I also want to be loved for my weaknesses
and accepted with my faults.

Am I running from a weakness?
Or am I walking towards a new strength?

I guess only time will tell...


  1. I really don't think there is a "should" to it. But it might be an interesting experiment to find out if you like cooking for yourself better, to discover if there is a spicier side to your cooking, And if not, no great loss.

  2. I think it is fun to learn something new, doesn't mean you have to love it, just trying new things because you want to.....it is a part of learning and growing........:-) Hugs

  3. I say you are walking towards a new strength!!! You go girl!

  4. We all have room for improvement in areas of our life. I think you can be content with who you are, but also strive to better yourself in various ways.

    I also do NOT enjoy cooking...baking maybe, but then I have to eat it, so stay clear of that if possible.

    My X's mom was known as being an excellent cook. I was always compared to her. And really, I think I was able to make my X happy with my cooking. I would try a new recipe every week. That was the goal. I usually kept it quick and simple, since we had a little one, and I refuse to spend half my day cooking...like his mom did.

    How you cook depends on your priorities in life. You don't have to be a gormet chef to cook up a yummy meal, especially for kids. For me, "We are to eat to live, not live to eat." I want to encourage you to try one new "easy" recipe every week. We all have room for improvement. Your kids do deserve tasty food, that doesn't have to take long to make.

    FYI: Hannah's FAVORITE meal is enchiladas. Buy the Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce and follow the recipe on the can. Use soy ground beef instead of meat. It is to die for and VERY easy!!!! That's your recipe for this week.

  5. Interesting! I say in this area, remember what you want the girls to grow up and do. Then ask God to place the desire in your heart to learn and love it! Focusing on the Godly traits that you want them to develop for their future spouses will help! Ironic, considering the general topic of your blog I know!

  6. I struggled with something very similar for a long time...a clutter free and spotless house. I grew up in a house that was VERY organized and clean. My sisters' (all three of them) houses are all organized and clean all the time. Mine? Not so much. I used to beat myself up about it, especially when I would hear it from my ex. But now? I embrace my house. It is mine, clutter and all. I clean regularly and it's not filthy, but it's lived in and it's loved in, clutter and all. So I say, embrace who you are: baker, chef, or microwaver...just love whatever it is you do!