Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some things fade..somethings JUST don't!

As a divorced woman,
there is much I have come to terms with!
I have cried many tears,
and felt broken beyond repair.

In time;
the worst moments began to dull
in my memory.
the worst pain
was not as sharp.
The hope out weighed the hopelessness
and the future began to make more sense then the past.

EXCEPT when it comes to the kids...
Yes, that gets easier!
and certianly
their adjustment seems to be moving
in the right direction.
But, in truth-
it's still there.
For them its still fresh.

My girls love the parent trap.
My 10 year old recently said to me;
"I wish all divorces turned out that way".
For her-
the future is not better then the past!
The hope is dulled
because what 'was' is the true dream in her heart!
They are happy,
They are blessed,
They are loved..
but they still wish that what is-
is not!

Tonight after seeings a friends new home
the kids were speaking 'disatisfaction'
with their lot in life..
Their small home,
Their shared bathroom,
Their BROKEN family.
I can not fix all of that..
in fact I cannot fix any of it!

BUT, what I can do
and what I did?
I reminded them not just of what we have..
but what we don't!
We have family-
We don't have anger!
We have a home-
We don't have pretty furniture
that we are afraid to mess up:)!

Life is in perspective.
and the biggest positive change?
They are surrounded by a mini- zoo.
we have many pets
and we all love this.
Many parents do not enjoy this as much!
This is a side effect of a home run by ME! :)

This was all the reminder they needed,
we came home,
they each grabbed a furry friend
and settled in their ,small but cozy, rooms!
Reminded that much has changed!
and much is different!
BUT much would not be what it is,
if all had stayed the same!


  1. You sound like you are a wonderful mother, when we focus on what we have and not what we don't have.......love is the most important of all and Debbie you have plenty of love for your children......:-) Hugs

  2. You sound like a fabulous Mum and your kids are very, very lucky.

  3. I so feel you. Divorce is not nice, and all we can do is take care of our kids and let them know how much we love them!

  4. You are a great mom and doing a fantastic job.

  5. I love this. My girls express dissatisfaction and I get angry at times. I like how you handled it. Thank you for the reminder. :)