Friday, February 25, 2011

And this is why I left....

I got another anonymous comment
this morning,

I am pretty sure I know
who they are from...
and it is someone
from my past...
Of course, I cannot say for sure;

but here is the comment from today;

Getting that growth off your face would be a step in the right direction if you want to get dates. "Which one is she"? "She's the one with the second head".

(See in picture above!)

nice! Right!
It reminded me of a story...
I have a large mole on my face.
I have had it for as
long as I can remember!!!
Within 4 months of meeting the man
I ran from,
he took me to a plastic surgeon!
He wanted me to have it removed!
I did not!
I had never thought about it!
In truth
until he made an issue of it,
no-one else had!
It just was what it was!
I decided against having it removed!
But, I never forgot
the feeling of knowing
I was so 'flawed' to this man!

and yet still..
I went forward!
Yet still...
I degraded myself
by believing he was as good
as it got..
yet still!!

The lessons learned
so extensive...
but the greatest,
has been to be OK with me!
I do not need plastic surgery
to like me!
I do not need to exercise
twice a day
and be a size 0
( things I did or was asked to do with him)...
to be comfortable in my own skin..
because at the end of the day;
I like who lies beneath
my outer self...
I like who I am!
I like what I stand for!
and that leaves room
to like my imperfections too!


  1. With blogger stats and feedjit you can tell a lot about your readers. I noticed someone using the kids name, my name and also my home town to find my blog. It was pretty obvious who these people are. They read my blog just to nit-pick and judge. I think the sad part is they really should have a life instead of focusing on mine. I have been divorced for years and still I am their focus. I have deleted other blogs because of this but I refuse to do that anymore. I deserve to be free from him and his family so I do what I love and feel sorry for them. Nothing better to do but to read my blog- how sad is that? Happy you got away from THAT just keep pressing forward. A mole? Seriously?

  2. You did good my left him!

  3. Imperfections are what make us unique ... and it sounds like his "imperfections" are far more significant than yours.