Friday, February 4, 2011

There is a reason...

I have learned
many lessons
from my past!

Some have changed me
for the better..
some have made me
more afraid!
Some have left me scarred..
and some stronger!
But, all were valuable!

I would say of all the lessons
the one I have come
to see as being
the 'greatest'..
is learning how
to TRUST my gut!

Its a feeling I (we) get..
and its there for a reason!
Yet, so many times
I would try again...
or ignore..
or overlook...
in case I might be wrong!
Rarely, was I wrong!

My instinct kicked in..
and I
ignored it..
I did not want to be unkind!
or miss out on
something that might be
I did not want to
I did not want to
create conflict!
The list goes on...

When I sense that something
is wrong..
no matter how right
it could be...
or should be....
or even might be...
I can be a little cold..
I can be a lot detached!
I can walk away
and not look back!

But, there is a reason!
If I sense
that something is not for me..
I no longer
talk myself into feeling something
I no longer give it more time
in case I change my mind!

Maybe I am mistaken..
Maybe I am dead on...
it matters not!

I have an intuition...
and I finally KNOW how to use it!


  1. I always tell my children, it's not a mistake if you learned from it. You are learning from them so no mistakes made.

  2. Love this. There are a lot of lessons to be learned along the journey but it is so refreshing when they make sense

  3. That is awesome. I worry about this for myself all of the time! Self doubt sucks for sure.