Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is natural progression an oxymoron for a single mom?

So I do not date much...
but I do a little..
enough to have some questions...
enough to see that dating
as a single mom,
is as complicated as it looks.

A friend and I were talking
about relationships recently..
and the progression
that happens on its own!
she is in a different season
of life then I am...
Her progression
is actual progression.
Each date leads to another,
each moment leading into
the next.

Here is what I am finding so
far for me...
progression it seems
is slower then average...
I have my kids
and spend the time they are with me-
with them...
this means a date every few weeks
with someone who is flexible..
what about someone who is not?
the single father..
who has his kids
on a different weekend then I do?
well..that's not just slow
its no progression!
So, is that even worth it?
Can a relationship ever develop
on such a casual basis?
or is it doomed from the start?
Is spread out dating
or just starting over each time?

I am all for slow..
one day at a time...
but this 'occasional' dating
leaves room
for so many questions...

I guess
that's why its a progression,
its not a destination...
not any time soon.
and I am not going anywhere
in a hurry...
so, I will patiently
watch how dating
in my life and in others...
and in time,
I am sure
I will come to understand
the rhythm
more then I do right now!

worth it- maybe...
time shall tell....


  1. If you only see someone once every six weeks or so...that will probably take you nowhere...fast. You have to have a way of seeing each other on a more regular basis. For everyone sake. Ha!
    Good luck

  2. Truer words I have not heard. Should not be in a hurry. One day at a time.

  3. I tried dating someone who had the opposite kid schedule that I had. It just didn't work!