Thursday, February 10, 2011

A little stone house

One day
in a life lived
long ago..
at least it feels long ago..
the man I knew...
and trusted,
and I..
looked to buy a home!

I have always loved
and eclectic!
I have always loved
small towns
and antiques.
He was big city..
fancy cars and pretty homes!
We were dating....
I was being wooed..
eclectic and stone it was...

I think sometimes
of that stone house...
that we looked at buying;
in a sort of what might have been way!

Here is what I think...
the little stone home
would have
come with big solid problems!
Its quaintness
would have just hidden
the deep dysfunction..
the walls, while pretty,
would still be a prison.

Our past
holds memories
of what might have been..
but we must never forget
what actually was.
We see rainbows
where we should see rain,
we look back and see stone and
pretty rocks,
where we should see metal bars...

allows for a clearer reality!
paves the way for a healthier future!

I never moved in
to a little stone house..
instead I moved into a
home filled with love..
a home with my children!
a home where dishes pile up;
once in a while..
where children are free
to speak and to live..
and where I am a person
whose opinion matters
and whose boundaries
are mine to own.

a home...
of freedom,
not of stone!


  1. A perfect analogy of a home!! Safe, comforting and secure!! And yours!!!!

  2. Home can be a physical place, a sense of well-being, or both. I'm glad you found 'home'

  3. I'd love a little stone house, too. But not one with someone who I couldn't trust.