Monday, February 7, 2011

dating ADD

so I have just entered
back into the dating world..
and already
I am finding it frustrating!

Long road ahead!
Some is great..
the moments that I walk away
before getting entangled.
The moments
when I know
that I am sure
of who I am
and what I do not want!

but, some moments
are just designed to
leave those of us 'dating'..

the cues that make no sense,
the too casual..
or not casual enough..
the wondering
if you are on the same page
or both reading
a whole different book.

Casual is it for me..
yet shockingly;
there is TOO casual..
who knew.

I shall vent
and wonder
and sometimes
and I shall
often-I am sure-
take a breath
and say;
yep- this is why I am still single!!

Who knew that spending time
with my own complicated self,
was WAY less complicated,
then dating!!!
ha ha....


  1. Too funny! I wish you the best of luck! You should be proud of yourself for getting back out there!!!

  2. I think if anything ever happen to my hubby I wouldn't date. Not that I would miss him so (I would)but because I don't want to go through the headaches and heartaches that dating has.

  3. *giggle*

    That is SOOOOOO true! Good luck out there! The good news is that when you're on the same page, it's pretty obvious!

  4. So true T!! At least that SOUNDS true..will tell you when it happens! ha ha!

  5. It seems complicated because it is complicated.