Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines blues?..not!

So I cannot remember
sharing a Valentines' day
with anyone in so long...
and the only one I vaguely
is now tainted by
what followed.

And yet,
more then most holidays
it passes without
much notice!
Married..there is expectations
as to what it should be.
its just a day!

The first valentine's day alone
But, now 5 holidays later..
I can smile at the commercials..
I can giggle with my friends
going on dates,
and feel thrilled for
my married friends
celebrating with partners...
and I can know,
its just a day.

chocolates and flowers
mean something
only when accompanied
by mutual love and respect!

And so,
I wish the world
a Happy day
of love.
Because no matter
how much life
has told me differently;
love matters!
loving matters!
and celebrating that matters

so if you have a love;
and if you are waiting
for that day..
celebrate you!

And in the mean time
I shall be celebrating
my greatest loves;
my Lord
and my Children...
followed by my family
and my friends...
so it looks like
I am not skipping the day after all!

happy Valentines day!


  1. It is just a day- truly. And like any other day, I make sure I tell ALL of those I love how much I do. I have been single a long time but it has never been a 'couples only' holiday to me.
    But then, it is not the only day of the year I show my love and affections either.
    Have a wonderful day filled with love

  2. Hehehe, hubby gave me nothing for Valentine's day, I gave him a recycled box of chocolates as in a student gave it to his teacher who gave it to me to give to him ;o)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too!