Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can you save me??

I read something recently..
it made me think-
can one person save another?
is being rescued
every woman's dream?
or even a need?

The truth?
no matter the situation...
unless a woman
(or man)
saves themselves..
all they tend to do,
is find themselves
right back where they started!

The greatest feeling EVER..
is knowing that I am OK!
I overcame the hurt-
I faced the past-
I found a way to thrive in my circumstances,
and I did this;

I had support!
I had friends and family!
I had help
and encouragement..
I had my faith! (huge!)
but, I learned
that no-one can save another..
thats a hero complex
just waiting to happen.

We can support
and be there...
We can be a safe place to fall..
but strength
comes NOT in being saved..
but instead walking
within ones own strength
WITHOUT a net!

I am so thankful
to look up at the high wire
and know
that just a few years ago..
I walked across it..
afraid to look down.
I look up
and say;
"I did it!"
and I know
I can do it again...

that is strength:
being one's own hero;
knowing one's strength comes
from within..
and in my case,
from the one that lives within!

Being saved-
not by a person
or an ideal of that person,
but instead by the reality
that is...


  1. Sometimes, I think people enter our lives at exactly the right time, and make a tremendous difference. I've been fortunate to meet people like that, and consider myself lucky to have the great friends I do. I'm not sure, though, if someone can save another, relationship-wise. The knight in shining armor thing is a nice thought, but I agree that a lot of that has to come from within.

    Anyway, it sounds like you're in a really great (and healthy) place. That's great.

  2. My ex saved someone from a terrible situation (and created OUR terrible situation in doing so). Did it work? In the short-term. He got her out of a really bad situation. And into one that went bad because HE hadn't done any work on himself and SHE needed to save herself. I've never known a 'savior' situation to work. Getting help is wonderful and necessary but you need to save yourself. I'm happy to say she (now a friend) is now in a healthy marriage (a relationship that took years to develop - not months) and he's in YET ANOTHER dysfunctional one. And I expect it won't be his last. Twit.

  3. Mr Witherspoon- I completely agree with that sentiment..some people are with us for a reason and a season..! I do feel took a long time time to get here!

  4. "being one's own hero..." LOVE it! I needed that reminder. Thanks, Debbie!

  5. Wonderful perspective, so true...although sometimes I still think a Knight in Shining Armor would be nice!