Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not a state to fear...

I find it amazing...
even though I understand!

How many-
will make decisions
that will follow them always,
to avoid
learning to be OK
with just themselves!

I used to feel that
way too..
I used to dread being alone,
I used to fear that state..
I no longer regret
choices I made as a result-
but, I do understand
how easy it is
to choose someone
over no-one.

and yet....
Its hard to imagine!

This weekend..
I put up a fence in the back yard..
I took my children to
the fair...
I handled my finances,
yard work..
I took my children to church..
I bought them dinner,
I spent time with them;
and time with me..
and I did this all..

Not a state to fear...
a state to own
and overcome..
a state to thrive within..
and a state that brings you
to understand,
you will never be the same-
because you will never
again fear..
the very state
you are now in!!~

soul healthy=


  1. Absolutely priceless. I feel so sorry for people who, because they can't be alone (though they often say they simply don't WANT to be alone), jump quickly into one relationship after another - each one "the love of his/her life" - only to find out a little ways down the road that it was (yet another) mistake. It's so sad. They just repeat the same mistakes over and over because they won't take the time and do the work necessary to avoid those mistakes. A friend of mine has been in 3 relationships in the past 18 months... each one, "The One." And after a few months each? Each one? SO not "The One." But, according to him, we're meant to be paired up -- it's human nature -- so he keeps jumping (or DIVING - head first) and "falling in love" with "The One" (and 'the two'... and 'the three'... and I'm sure 'the four' is next ;). He can't see the forest for the trees, bless his heart. I hope one day he figures it out... like you have, my friend :) XO

  2. Busy weekend girlie. Don't forget to take time for yourself to relax too. I have been divorced for 15 months now and I so have 3 children. Sometimes I find myself in those busy weekends where everything is go go go. But I have found I am much happier and less stressed when I relax a little. Btw, I love all your posts. I feel like your describing my life sometimes.

  3. Knowing that you can do all this by yourself is a great step. Keep it going!

  4. Sometimes it is the busiest of times that make us feel more fulfilled and happy alone. The quieter times are harder to do solo. But I have also been able to find the peace in those times.
    Good for you!

  5. I completely agree with all the comments...learning how to be alone and quite is harder then alone and least for me! Now I do both...I have alone time, I relax..and I work hard and play hard..and I find peace in all of it!!