Monday, April 18, 2011

Ironic much??

It seems that I am
a better wife...
without a husband!
How is that?

Is it maturity?
is it experience?

not sure..
but what I know
is that my home is cleaner,
my dishes normally done-
my chores caught up more then not!
my life is , mostly,in order.
I have more on my plate
then ever..
yet managing better then before!

I guess one aspect;
is no 'man' to also care for!
No one to hurry to spend time with-
No additional person to cook for.

on the other hand-
There is no-one else to help
manage the load.
There is no-one else to
take care of the yard,
or car...
or to help with the laundry,
or kids.

So, I think the two
at the very least-
neutralize each other!

So whatever the reason...
it is what it is...
life threw me some pretty
big curves,
and by finding my way
around the corners..
I have learned
that I am more capable
then I gave myself credit for.

Maybe that's what it is..
I expect more from my self..
or maybe this will all go out the window
if one day I meet someone,
and need more hours in the day!:)
for now..
I shall enjoy
the peace
of a clean and tidy, for the most part, ;-)


  1. I couldn't agree more, I've never been more organized, cleaner, etc. - basically just more responsible! : ) It's amazing how being a single mom will do that to you. It is a little bit like having the weight of the world on your shoulders, but it's also quite liberating at the same time!!

  2. I never new what I was fully able to do until I became a single mom.

  3. I wish that were true for me, but it's not since my ex did his share of the housework. What I am as a single mom is a far more competent person in general - I've become extremely handy.

  4. Its so true- that no matter what the lessons we have learned, the key seems to be that we had do more then we ever expected.