Friday, April 8, 2011

I release you..will you release me?

One of the hardest aspects
of ending
a relationship,
is letting go!

And even when we
have let go..
there is the process
of finding
peace in the end.
and the tomorrow..
and most of all,
the yesterday!

I am there..
this has been the longest
part of the journey.
I moved on,
I let go..
but I still struggled
with the peace
in the past!

I have found it...
in each place I have been..
relationships that lasted
and those that lasted months..
I have come to face
and acknowledge what was,
and understand
that each moment
is part of me today!

The places in my soul
that hurt,
are no longer angry!
The memories
that left me frustrated
at my bad judgment-
now leave me
overwhelmed at how
far I have come.
The situations
that caused me to doubt
now cause me to feel
confident in today.
and the heartaches
that made me wonder..
how? and why?
are now answered
with 'because of NOW'..
because of who I now can be!

I no longer need closure,
I no longer need validation,
I no longer need to reconcile
what was,
I have truly
forgiven, let go , moved on...
and reconciled the past!~

huge! REALLY!


  1. Deb, it's not just huge... it's epic! ;) Heh.

  2. new-make me smile..or laugh out loud- word! PERFECT!!!!:-)

  3. That is awesome and you are right...HUGE!! Congrats!!

  4. Letting go is something I've never quite mastered.