Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where did that wall come from?

We all have felt it
...that wall
that comes out of nowhere.

Life seems easy..ish.
Everything seems under control-
and then
a wall...
right when you think
you are moving forward.
you are stopped dead
in your tracks.

A wall of exhaustion
that just renders you useless....

I hit that wall tonight!
It came out of the blue..
as busy as my life
I would not say
excessive tiredness is an issue..
in fact I manage quite well.

I just finished my second semester
back in college..
and I think that might
have been what did it...
3 finals in 7 days..
finished the last one tonight
and CRASH!
My system shut down!

So, I have my feet up.
My TV on..
my kids long settled...
and I shall do nothing
for a few hours:
go to bed early,
maybe read a book.

and then tomorrow-
back to life again.
refreshed I hope..
ready to start over!
or at least climb over the wall...

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  1. Amen! Nothing wrong with taking it easy. You might enjoy this song too: