Tuesday, April 26, 2011

True growth...

I always wonder-
how I will know?
how will I know
that I am healthy enough
to make better choices?

how will I know-
I have learned the lessons...?

the other night I blogged
that I was in a vulnerable place-
that same night
I got an email,
an online site..
a good looking, nice guy!
(according to him:)!)
but, fresh out a divorce!
I was vulnerable..
will I ever meet anyone?
and yet..
I replied..
I let him know
I was interested ..
but not for 6 months to a year...
I gave him my email..
told him good luck,
and let him know he could
contact me down the road!

No matter how 'alone'
I might have felt,
I knew I was not willing
to take that risk!

I think its safe to say,
some lessons HAVE been learned..
and progress has been made!
And that is a start...

1 comment:

  1. If you had not learned any lessons, you would not have been strong enough to say no.
    You are ready to be right where you are. That is all that matters