Friday, April 22, 2011

I have those moments too...

40 days out of 41...
I am happy-

but, that 1 day...
I feel-
or maybe just alone.

I am not sure what
makes the difference,
most of the time
I love my life,
and yet, sometimes
I feel the burden
of no-one to share it with!

in those moments...
I have to work
to over come
self destructive impulses.
For me;
that would be calling an ex-
or eating ice cream...
and normally results
in a free trial on a dating
I guess it could be worse.

I know the feeling
will pass..
I know that today
I feel alone,
and a little sad.
I know that tomorrow-
I have fun plans ALONE
and I will completely
enjoy my day-
the moment having passed.

So, for this moment-
I shall go surf
online dating sites..
and maybe, just maybe...
eat some butter pecan!
and take tomorrow,
as it comes!


  1. Enjoy the Butter Pecan! My fav too!! That or some fresh baked bread!! Ha!
    Then I go for a nice long walk to work it off and start again anew!!
    Happy Easter dear one

  2. Funny thing about your post, there are so many times that I wish I had time to myself with no one with me. I'm so busy helping and worring about others, I tend to forget about myself. That's why when I do have a day for myself and no one else, I do things for myself and only myself.