Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its official...

My divorce is final..
I am now single again..again!

I thought I would feel more
then I do..
for 6 months I have needed
this resolution...
For 6 months I have been bullied,
on edge..
and yet also
indifferent in moments,
knowing that allowed me
to hold onto my power..
and strength!
and yet, the papers come..
the moment arrives..
and its just another day!
Sure I am relieved..
but I thought I would leap for joy..
instead I feel reflective...
but, its another day.

And then I realized why..
my moment of freedom came
6 months ago..
when I made a huge step
and fled without warning
and with nowhere to go...
When I took back my life
and refused to be mistreated
and hurt
and controlled
and yelled at
and cursed at
and put down
and punished
and threatened
and fearful..
for another day!
and I did something
that to this day
I can't believe I found the will
to actually do..
I walked away!
That moment
I was free!
In that moment
I regained my power..
my will...
and my soul...
That day was monumentous..
That day was unforgettable..
life changing...
and a moment in time
forever ingrained on my heart..

so, today...its official..
I am free on paper..
but 6 months ago
I became free
heart, body and soul...
and so the celebration began then...
today just brought closure...
and tomorrow brings a new forever!


  1. Yay! That is awesome!!! I'm hoping to have mine finalized in a few weeks and I can't wait. Like you, I think I will jump for joy, but who knows how I'll feel on the actual day.

    Congrats on your new beginning and freedom!

  2. Debbie, divorce is never easy, no matter what state you're in. At least it wasn't for me. But I'm happy that you can put the past behind and move on. That is such a liberating thing. You have you and the kids to think about now. Just know that I pray the best for you and your kids. (They are soooo cute!) ;)

  3. Go and celebrate your offical new beginning! Congratulations on a fresh step.

  4. Another reason to celebrate: I left you a little something back at my place. COme and get it!

  5. I was at the same place when my divorce became final, we'd seperated long before so when the final papers came it was kind of a non-issue.

    I guess it's like people who don't bother to legally marry but are married in their hearts and's nice to have the paper but it really is most important that the heart feel it rather than the government know it.

    I'm glad your officially free!


  6. You are right, the papers day is just another day. You are free and single and strong. dont ever forget you have friends

  7. I'm happy for you that you have your freedom and sanity! You are a powerful person! The Lord has plans for using your experiences to help others. I know it is hard to see that far ahead but I am looking in from the outside as one who has been there before and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for you is not a train! It is "Shekinah" glory which will shine on others as well!

  8. Congrats today, but more importantly for taking that step 6 months ago!

  9. LOVE this post!! Your freedom really comes through here. And you have a whole community of single parent bloggers out there supporting you as you unfold....