Thursday, May 7, 2009

My son...12 years old...

Happy birthday Son!
I love you...I am proud of you.
You have been through heartache..
in your young life..
you have learnt that promises can be broken..
hearts can be shattered...
lives can be damaged...
but, you have also learnt that
strength comes
when you need it most.
Love repairs the broken..
and God sustains the weak,
You now know that life is hard..
but so worth living...
You've seen your mother cry..
and you've held her in her pain..
You have watched your sisters sob..
and cried along with them.
And in these moments
you became a man.
A man who can protect,
BUT also a man who can cry.
A man who can defend..
BUT also a man who loves with compassion...
A man who can stand up to a challenge,
BUT also a man whose worth is found within his heart!
Your lessons have been hard my son..
Your road has been a rough one..
But the lessons learned
and the love you own..
and the life that is yours.
makes the lessons
worth the pain..
I pray that one day you will see that.
and I pray that in this moment you will know..
You are loved by your father above..
and you are loved by your mother on earth..
You are my heart beat, my son...
my first born..
the first real breath I ever took
was the first time I held you in my arms..
Thankyou for sharing my life..
and my heart!
Forever and always,
Your mom


  1. Awww. This made me teary eyed. Wish him a Happy Day from me!

  2. *weep* What a lucky boy he is to have a mom like you and what a lucky mom you are as well!

    Sweet post. Happy birthday to your first baby.

  3. Lucky little boy there! and he shares my daughters birthday, she is just 6 yrs older

  4. What sweet thoughts for you son. Happy birthday.

  5. Happy birthday! It's hard when you turn around and realize they are almost all grown up.

  6. Aww, what a nice tribute to your son. Happy b-day to him.

  7. So beautiful! I got tears in my eyes. :)