Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I don't belong to you!

Dear shadow of broken trust,
I am no longer yours.
you held me in your grip
for long enough.
You stole my breathe
and haunted my dreams.
But, I am no longer yours.

You troubled my spirit
and hunted me
in my safe places.
But, I am no longer yours.

You stalked my footsteps
in the quiet of the dusk..
and interupted my peace
with your threats.
But, I am no longer yours.

You see,

Dear Shadow of hurt,
I have come to understand
that of the two of us,
I am the strongest!
Beneath your shell
of steel,
is weakness and fear.
You pray on those who are frail.
And for a while,

Dear Shadow of fear,
for a while..
I was frail
within your arms.
But, I am no longer yours.

I understand
that when your cold grip
of fear
reaches out and grabs my hand..
you will dissipate into the mist
when I stand my ground.
I have nothing to fear!
I am no longer yours!


Dear Shadow of dark control,
In case you have ever wondered
just how powerful
your influence was...
how strong your
possession over my mind
might have been....

I was never actually yours to begin with.

A content, safe and strong Me!


  1. So happy you are finding your way now Debbie, it just took a while and this poem really expresses how you feel and where you are at.......:-) Hugs

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