Tuesday, October 12, 2010

single..dating...single & dating..its all complicated!

I have stepped off the edge..
dived into the murky waters..
of single-again dating!

In this case,
its not many dates
with new and different people..
instead one person,
moving forward.

A whole new world of complications...

and kids...
and friends...

I have learned from the past
to know..
that my children
or someone else's kids..
do not need another parent!
They do not need
me (in the case of another)
or the one in my life...
to fulfill a specific role.
They need stabilty,
and the attention
of their own parents...
and they need kindness
and respect
from the other adults
in their lives.

a tight rope to walk
whichever side of the rope you are on.

cannot be ignored!
Alot of my time..
most of my time..
goes to my job!
As will the time
of another in my life!

Family time
cannot be put off!
The kids have to take priority!
My kids..
His kids...
They have to know their
They have to be sure
of their value..

Time alone
is still imporant!

hold such value!
My friends
have been my back bone..
they have waited out
my solitary game..
they have visited me
in the shadows and helped
drag me into the light..

And then there is
of course,
my parents,
my sisters...
My family -
whose very heart beat
matches mine...

and The person I shall know..
am getting to know..
all his attachments
and hobbies
and outside life.

So many pulls..
so many places
that have a foothold on
my heart..
so many needs to meet
and responsibilities
to step up too...

Beyond all that,
is the newness
and the smiles
and the excitement
and the hope
and the future
and the past
and above all....
the release;
the freedom
to feel..
to live...
to let go....!

I am deeply grateful
that it took me almost 2 years
to take this step!
I am healthier
then I have ever been.
Stonger then I ever imagined
and yet still..
yet still...

Like every step
so far
I shall take it;
one step
one breathe
one moment at a time...


  1. Yes, very complicated, but Yay! for you!

  2. Debbie I think its wise you take it slow but I also think it is great that you have put your toe in the water. You are too young to be alone, your children will grow up and make their way in the world which you always will be a part of but you need that special someone to share your life with.....:-) Hugs

  3. Great news for you! Sounds like you're taking things at exactly the right pace. Good for you

  4. Good to take the time and appreciate each step. Keeping your life intake is important. Add too but never take away!!
    Enjoy the process!

  5. I watch your life as a glimpse into the possiblities my future might hold...with time. I'm thankful that you've listened to God's will for your life, for no other way will be better. Now....just relax and enjoy the ride.

  6. Another great post that just speaks to me! Thank you!