Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alot can change...

In just one week..
so much can change!

One week ago-
I was overwhelmed!
I felt in over my head..
and just wanted to cry!

I am in a much better place!!
I love my job
and I am excited about the new
I ,of course, love my kids!
and I am enjoying
a new season
as my middle child
has joined a JV volleyball team!
I love my little home..
and have been purging
and it feels really good!!
I love my extended family-
and have been able to spend
time with them!
I love my friends..
and this has been a
great week
for me socially!

And so..
in just a week-
I have climbed down the rainbow..
and found MY pot of gold!
It is not heavy
or financially viable..
in fact,
just the opposite!

It is found in the moments
that make me smile!
The moments
that remind me
why I keep going..
when I just do not want to!!
the moments
that touch my heart..
and reach my soul.
the moments that matter
only to me...

Life happens in those moments!!
And those moments
can turn it all around!


  1. Good for you!! Such a wonderful accomplishment!


  2. SO glad to see things turned around and you found your happy place again. Sometimes life just needs to be uncluttered, right?