Friday, August 12, 2011


Someone important to me
asked me some questions...

the goal was to get me to think
about what I wanted
and what my future would look like-

The main question:
where do I want to be in 5 years..

The answer;
right where I am now.

5 years from now,
I want to be in the same town.
Possibly the same home.
I would like to be at the same job..
and will have 2 children still in school.
I want to be near my parents..
and near my children's father.
I would like my life to look
not too different from now..
with less college
(I hope to be done)
maybe a touch more money..
(then again with my oldest in college..maybe a touch less)
and maybe, just maybe...
someone to share the moments with!

The idea-
when I meet someone
I need to know what to measure
to find out:
if they fit with 'me'
and my goals...

The conclusion-
many things matter!
but, someone
to live in a small town..
happy with the status quot..
family centered..
and grounded in the reality
that parenthood brings..
tops my list!

Its one question so far-
but, a big one!


  1. It's good to set a 5 year goal but even if things don't work out its all about being productive and having a positive attitude =).

  2. Here's to being done with college by the end of the five years!

  3. I hope you get there. I keep wondering if I've just made a major mistake when it comes to relationships. Why are they so hard?

  4. interesting. and weird. i just posted a "in five years" post as well!