Tuesday, August 2, 2011

all in the same boat...

Seems the more I blog
about the perils
of dating...
the more I see
that many of us
single parents/people
are in the same boat...

And it seems
many of us
would happily
JUMP ship!

I find dating
a roller coaster..
in truth..
I would say
I find 'early' dating
that way!
Not sure how I will find
a dating commitment.

But, this??
the moments of expression..
followed by moments of confusion.
The inability
to really know what
someone else is thinking..
and the newness
which makes it a bad idea
to ask...

The moments you think you know..
followed by the moments
you are sure you do not!

I know it will not always be like this-
but, for now..
the moments when I 'know'
are NOT enough to carry me
through the moments
I 'do not'...

And so many moments
I find myself thinking
the worst..
only to see that I am
but, the next time..
I will probably do
the same thing!

Enjoy the process...
I am trying!
I am doing 'my' thing..
And spending moments
and in truth things
are going OK..
its just there are moments
when I cannot remember
if its OK or not!

and over and over and over
I think-
is this worth it??
this unsureness...
this insecurity...
this knowing
that the outcome is..
is it worth this?
and really...
I do not know!

But, when I do..
I am sure
I will blog about it!!:)


  1. Just today, after a day's silence in a new relationship, I sent a message asking if something had happened in our last conversation. I totally hear you about moments of confusion!

  2. im struggling with if it is worth it or not. in the end, i really miss feelings of being wanted.. someone excited to call or text or see me. knowing that someone is thinking of me. but you're right. i don't think i cut out for dating. the uneasy feeling of the next sentence makes me want to start a fight to end it all. gosh, that sounds awful

  3. There are pains and scars from the past. We have to remember that it is always a 'new' situation. I am guilty of comparing the past and the future.
    Hard not to. But try to enjoy the good moments and work through the tough.
    If the tough outweighs the good, then make sure it is worth it.
    But then, who am I to say as I am still single

  4. I DO NOT ENJOY dating. I never have... not even when I was younger, which is probably why I held on so tight to the first boy that ever asked.

    The uncertainty kills me... I just want to know... well actually, let me amend that... there have been times when I just knew it wasn't a good fit... that was easy, but when you meet someone and it feels right and you want it to work, but it's still really new and you don't want to rush and you don't know where it will go... that is the part I take issue with!

  5. I really hope you'll get there and end up very hope. But, I so understand the fear. I wish I didn't, but I do.