Wednesday, August 31, 2011

processing privately

not everything is to share...
but everything
is to be processed...

some things leave me heart heavy..
and some things leave me smiling...
and some things leave me confused.

I find very little;
about being single-

whether it is dating
or co-parenting..
or working-
or balancing kids activities...
or finding time for me...
none of it is black and white.

And no matter how simplified
I make my life-
or try-
life is just not simple.

And so there is plenty to process..
in private..
and out loud.
plenty to wonder about
and worry about..
plenty to keep my mind busy,
even when my body is at rest.
and something tells me..
its just the start!


  1. I suppose single parenting is the same as raiding kids in a marriage.. it is never clear cut. It is however twice the work because you cannot pass this one off to the other. It is not a bad change, just a change. I guess we just schedule it like any other job, and yet stay open to the bumps in the road.