Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dating 101

I tend to be an all or nothing
I am working on balance..
it does not come easily!

The last small stretch
of dating
held many clues!

One of the biggest
is that from the beginning-
I chose not to date others
and focus on the place I was.
Even though
it was not 'committed'..
and he preferred no expectations.

The result:
me doing a lot of waiting..
and wondering..
and not feeling
so great about the whole thing!

my lesson..
was to be careful
about realistic expectations...
and to keep myself 'living'
while waiting to see what shall happen!

so now-
I have 'dived' into dating..
and have been asked out
on 3 dates
next week..
all or nothing-
that's me!

I have learned that I do
not know..
what I do not know!
Its hard to judge normal-
when you do not have a measure!

I have never dated much..
I want to try it a bit..
see what I like-
see what works
and what does not..

And if in the process..
even right away-
I meet the man
that treats me well..
That Likes me for me...
and wants to take it to the next step,
and I feel the same;
I am perfectly willing
to miss out on all the 'dating'..
but, if not..
I shall embrace the process
and take the lessons..

good and bad!


  1. i'm an all or nothing person myself. i feel so consumed by the one person that i don't make time for others. so, i've often found myself mad at that one person because they are dating multiple people. i don't know. i hate dating! i wasn't cut out for it! good luck :)

  2. Let us know how it goes... I, too, tend to be a one at a time girl... my time and childcare options are so limited that I just can't fathom dating more than one person at a time!