Sunday, August 21, 2011

Milestones and memories

My son starts High school tomorrow.

In truth-
he has already been
doing high school classes,
he knows all the teachers,
and continues at the same school.

So its more the idea
than the circumstances.

but the idea..
is pretty significant!

I remember so well
my first day of high school.
I know well
what is to come.
and I understand
that in a few short years
his future
shall begin..
and my present shall forever change!

I am proud of the young man he is..
blessed to share these moments.

I am also alone
in this milestone!
His father and I,
while amicable and friends;
will not stay up tonight
talking about the way life is flying by..
we will not share our memories
of other first days..
we will not laugh over
how fast he has grown.
or cry a little when we think
of toddler moments so long gone..
In truth-
if we were married
we may not have done that either!

Its funny how we change
the perceptions
of what would be,
when we no longer remember
what was.

my life takes on a new season.
my heart will hurt a little.
I will kiss my son,
knowing I am kissing a young man..
no longer a boy.
I will begin the process
of letting him grow..
and face the prospect
of navigating this new road
on my own...

A new journey for us both...
A season of growth and maturity
for mother AND for son.


  1. Ah yes the first day of high school for the first born. Can't say who it was harder for here, the son or me. But I'll send thoughts and prayers for both you and your son.
    Happy first day of school to you and your family!

  2. Aw! I can't believe my oldest is 2 years from middle school. What am I gonna do with that?!? High school will stress me out!

    Great post as always.

  3. When you are divorced, it is kind of weird how the past intermingles with the present and future. I often wonder about my girls on their wedding day. I am sure they will walk with their father... and yet maybe not.
    Crazy too how fast kids grow. Congrats to your son being ahead of the game!

  4. Sounds like today was a little bittersweet for you. Hope the first day went well for all the kiddos.