Friday, August 19, 2011

pandora's box...

The thing
with being alone..
it seems,
is that I am OK
until I am not alone!

so when I was
solidly single
I was content alone.
Then I started
to date-
and now,
while I can be alone,
sometimes I feel sad by myself!

I do not know
what the future looks like-
or even what tomorrow holds.

But, I know
that I have started to hope
for a presence..
hope for a person..
hope for a resolution..
and hope for security!

Not enough
to sell my soul...
not enough
to compromise who I am...
but, enough
to hurt my heart a bit.
enough to 'feel'-

It seems I opened
pandora's box
when I dropped my walls...
now all I can do
is wait
and see...
not an easy place to be!


  1. No it isn't an easy place to be. But know you are the holder of your heart and can give and take as you choose!!

  2. You'll find someone.

    I was left broken hearted when my ex finished our relationship and i started to date afterwards, a lot more then I've confessed on my blog, but things never felt right and I worried that I was comparing. I wasn't things just weren't right.

    I've now started to date someone I "like" and can see, regardless of whether this works, I want to feel that connection again. I think it is worth the risk (or at least I hope it is!).

    Although, if this fails I'm getting on a plane and taking you out (if you'll have me?) ;)

  3. Sue true! I love that!

    Spencer- you always make me smile! Don't make me hope this does not work out for you!..;-)!!

  4. Kinda like eating one cookie or one chip. You get a taste and want some more. And when you dont have one you are ok not having.
    It will get easier once again I am sure. It is a balance