Monday, August 29, 2011

over parenting??

I do a lot for my kids..
I admit!!

I still check on my high schooler
during his school day-
making sure he ordered his lunch!
if he did not bring it from home...
This is not for him
(he orders just fine)
this is for me...

I pack my children's lunches!
they can pack them themselves..
but their lunches
are my love note!
They do not know this yet..
or understand-
that each treat
was hand picked..
each item chosen just for them!
They do not need me to do this..
I need to do this for them!

I sometimes clean their rooms..
or cover them for their chores!
I sometimes carry their plates
to and from the kitchen..
not always-
but sometimes!
I sometimes take care of all
the pets...
I sometimes clean out their mess
from the car...
I sometimes do their laundry..
and often fold it and put it away!
I pack for my high schooler
when he goes to camp-
I pack for my girls when they
go too...
I do the dishes...
and the housework..
and the mopping
and the sweeping-
and I know they can!
and I guess they should..
but sometimes
I do it anyway..

I do a lot..
sometimes too much..
and sometimes
I hand it all back!
before picking it right back up!

don't get me wrong..
they can do things for themselves...
they can do their own laundry-
and clean their rooms
and do the dishes,
and care for the pets
and remember to get agendas signed
and take money for lunch
on catered days...
they can-
and sometimes they do!

but, I love being a mom!
and part of being a mom
(for me)
is doing things for them
that I know they can do for
its checking on them..
and loving on them..
and carrying some of their load-
even when my load
is heavy enough!

Its a choice I make..
one I understand,
and balance!
a choice to teach them how
to do it all..
and yet to choose
to do some of it
for them!

When all is said and done-
so soon..
they will take all they know
and live their lives alone..
and I will be left
with the memories
of moments
when I did it all..
and I have no doubt-
I will miss it!!
no doubt- at all!


  1. I know right where you are.. I know how you are feeling. You have good kids it seems. It is so nice to do it all.. maybe you can do some of it together once in a while too

  2. i do a lot for my son as well. i enjoy it most of the time. cherish the time. everyone keeps telling me that :)

  3. I do that sort of thing, too - pack their lunches, do their laundry, make them a hot breakfast before school, and so on. And I love doing it. And now that my older son is off at college, I'm really glad I did.

  4. Give where you can. Just make sure you are giving to you too! Maybe taking care of them fills you up!