Saturday, June 27, 2009

a balancing act...

no wisdom..
no insight...
no clue...

sometimes trying to balance it all
is a job in itself!
I don't try and do more then possible..
I work full time..
I keep my house clean..
I spend time with my kids...
I take care of the pets..
I limit their activities..
I DON'T find much time to work out..
I do find a few minutes each night to read..
I do stay in contact, via internet or text with friends...
I limit phone calls..
I have a schedule...

SO WHAT more could I do?
What am I missing??
sometimes its exhausting!!
What words of wisdom do single moms and dads have??

I think I am missing out in these areas;
easy meals!!
Preplanned dinners...
scheduled family events!!

I used to do a movie night on a set night..
and or a set game night..

Maybe that would eliminate the guilt
at not spending enough 'quality' time with the kids...

But it seems in balancing better
it involves doing more...

any great books??

Guess..I am looking for a lifeline?
do have one you can throw??

1 comment:

  1. When I was a single mom I experienced the same thing. One thing that really helped was a crock pot. Another thing was meal planning...I had a set menu....and then I put a different kid in front of the nightly salad. On Sunday nights I cut up all the veggies for a garden salad except tomatoes, mushrooms and lettuce and then one kid would take care of those three and take some pre cut veggies out.

    Another think I didn't do, but would have had I remained single was hire a cleaner for some of the cleaning. I had a small place and it would have only cost me about $30 to clean it. So I would have shopped that out to spend more time with the kids. I never get sick of the kids but get sick of cleaning, oh yeah.

    Movie nights...well...keep microwave popcorn in hte house rent movies...not much planning there.

    Game nights are also fun..and easy to plan

    Get the kids to help whenever possible.

    Make it all part of the family's day, working together, being together.

    Quality time is not so much doing a set activity as being together. I spend tons of time with my kids but most of it is just being there while they play and I work and we all chat.

    It's hard, I know that. But you can only do what you can so don't worry about the rest.