Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funny movie..BUT I cried!!

I went to see the proposal today..
it was really funny!
Laugh out loud funny!

and of it made me cry...
really cry!
Not the parts you would expect...

I cried because of the seemingly 'realness'
of the relationship..
even before they were in love...
I cried because I have never had that!
I have had a love that consumed me...
but I was not loved back in the same way!
And I have had a love
that required me to be
a certain way..
to keep the love and acceptance!
Neither were 'real' and pure and reciprocated..
neither were all of me connecting with all of someone else...
And so it hit a nerve,
and I remembered that I have a broken heart,
it may be healing...
it may not hurt all the time...
or as much...
BUT, sometimes it is triggered
and the pain is back...
and like all good cries
it left me feeling better
and the tears washed the hurt away...

and I left the movie..
and headed to my almost favorite place
the bookstore!
and once again,
all was well...


  1. Yes, I've soothed many a hurt in my lifetime by burrying myself in a search through bookstores. Feel better soon, sweetie.

  2. Nothing makes you feel better than getting lost in a bookstore. You can immmerse yourself in someone elses life, or find healing strategies for your own.
    I really like your blog - it is so honest. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I believe there is a love waiting for you. Someone very special, someone you may have already known in the past but never considered...I've been getting this feeling lately about you so I finally thought maybe I should tell you. Don't watch, don't look, just continue what you are doing, keep healing and love will come to you when you are ready.


  4. Thanks for the review! My daughter wants to see that movie. I might, but I'll probably wait for DVD in case it's too much of a chick flick. :-)

  5. I want to see that movie too! I think it's good that you're realizing these'll know a lot more about what to look for the next time.