Saturday, June 20, 2009

The hurt and the hope in fathers day...

I feel so torn about tomorrow..
on the one hand..
my father is the greatest man I know!
He has always been my protector,
My hero,
My friend,
My greatest fan!
Fathers day is a day
I appreciate the blessing I have in him.

Then the is the father of my children...
who while he loves them
and this day is his with them...
he hurt me!
And it is bittersweet to spend a day alone..
knowing that he is celebrating
with the 'new' family unit
he has constructed!
It is bittersweet to see family's and know
that not that long ago
Fathers day was a day
I celebrated not just the father of my children
but my husband,
and no matter how much time passes
or how healed the wounds become
certain holidays
bring reminders
of all that has changed...
and all that has come to pass!!

above all..
I have my heavenly father,
who loves me
who knows me
who accepts me
and who catches me when I fall...
So when it all comes down to it
the hope outweighs the hurt!


  1. I can see how this would be hard for you. I'm glad you have a wonderful Father (and Heavenly Father) to celebrate the special day with.

  2. Single Moms deserve more than just the one Mother's Day.

    This is my note for all the single moms... I dedicate Father's Day to my Mom

    Happy Father's Day, Moms.

  3. You have an amazing attitude, and I really appreciate your honesty. The old saying Time Heals All Wounds sounds a bit cliche right now, but it is true - the discomfort that you feel this year, will be lessened next year and the year after that. For now, you are right - focus on the blessings in your life! Stay strong!

  4. I have always loved your father. He changed my life. And I am so thankful and humbled that we share our heavenly father together. Which makes you my sister in Christ. What a blessing!