Friday, June 12, 2009

home again, home again...jiggity jig!

tomorrow ends my vacation!
What a week it has been..

so many memories..
so many lessons learnt..
and feelings faced!

I am ready to face the world again...
ready to go home...

The week was wonderful!
the kids and I went out on the river
on a boat and were surrounded my dolphins..
We went on a horse ride through acres of woods
and past beautiful lakes...
we literally dodged sharks in the ocean..
We rode go carts and paddle boats.
We swam in the pool
and layed in the sun!
I read..
I smiled..
I thought...
and I cried...
Just a little!

Sometimes tears of joy..
and Sometimes tears of sadness...

this was my first vacation alone..
and at first it was surreal!
Packing alone..
Planning alone..
Ending the day alone...
But , after a few days it felt....


I enjoyed being able to share with my children
experiences that bring me joy!
I have a deep love of nature.
I was able to take them on that journey with me..
Share with them some of who I am!
And I learnt to never forget
that they should know
who I am..
and My heart...
Not just my role in their lives...

I learnt that the first time
is always the hardest...
and I learnt that with every hello divorce...
There is a good bye!

I learnt the joy of providing
and giving to my children
from funds I worked hard
to save..

and I learnt that I spent a few days too long
on vacation!!:)
Because as wonderful as it was to be away..
it was still just me!
and I still was alone ..
and I began to miss the company of friends
and family....
especially when the children were in bed for the night!
So,I lived and learnt from this week away.

My batteries are recharged..
My pictures preserved..
and My soul satisfied
that I am doing this!

Truelly doing this...
and thriving..
no longer just surviving!

and when all is said and done
There is nothing sweeter then home!
And I finally have a home of my own
to return to!:)
Life is sweet!


  1. WOW! What a powerful post! You have had fun, adventure, growth and self awareness all wrapped up in one week! You are a very lucky woman! Hope that you will post more pictures as the weeks go by!

  2. We missed you too, Deb, but are glad to have you home again.

  3. Isnt it refreshing and great to take your kids on a vacation? From short road trips to week long vacations with my kids, they have learned a lot about what I love (im a nature lover too) and also that you can have so much fun for so little money if you are with people you love.
    I too get a little homesick when gone too long but also find comfort in having my home, my children with me.
    sounds like you had a great time and found yourself again. - no small feat

  4. You are awesome! What a great vacation for you and the kiddos. I love what you said about sharing some of you with them--your heart and who you are.

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Welcome back. :)