Monday, July 6, 2009

I finally get it...

Life is seeming to settle..
Kids are happier..
normal, testy preteens:)
but happier..
And more then anything I am handling it all better..
less frustrated..
and yet I am busier then ever!
so what gives??

Of course, I have less stress..
I have a home..
a job..

BUT its bigger!!
I used to dismiss the 'oprah' theory
of give to yourself first
so you can care for others!
I believed that others came first no matter what..
and of course, I believe in selflessness
and giving to others..
and all that jazz...good jazz!:)
However, I finally get the theory!
As I begin to find a balance
that includes my needs
my life feels more in control!
Its not big things...
time is limited!
Its the small things..
bedtime early enough to read..
a cup of coffee in the quiet of the morning,
a few minutes to work out
or prepare food for me, not just the kids..
its children in bed early enough to allow me
time to just be...
the little things!
BUT they add up!
and in the end
the little moments you take for you
create a bigger picture,
a better mom..
a healthier family!!
its little
but it makes a BIG difference!

1 comment:

  1. Have you read the book "Five Minutes Peace" You would love it. My mom used to read it to me when I was younger, and I think I now understand why she liked it so much...:)